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Gum Job Oral Candy

Gum Job Oral Candy

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Oral sex candy remains one of the most enjoyable ways to give oral for everyone involved. Not every person enjoys the taste that oral brings with it. Feeling teeth while receiving oral can cause some pain in men. The best compromise is with Gum Job oral sex candy teeth covers. At Fantasy Gifts, we have plenty of different oral sex candies to make giving and receiving oral more enjoyable than ever. Here’s what you need to know about Gum Job oral sex candy teeth covers.

Because they’re gummy, they can easily fit over practically everyone’s set of teeth. They mold to your form and fit just right, so you don’t have to experience any irritation with them resting against your teeth. This is a far better option than wearing mouth guards. Unless you have the mouthguard custom-made for you, there’s a good chance that the piece of plastic won’t fit you perfectly.

This might result in bleeding gums and mouth irritation. Giving oral sex is hardly the first thing you’ll be wanting to do.

Gum Job oral sex candy teeth covers remove that problem. It covers every inch of your teeth, so your partner can enjoy a smooth oral experience.

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