Helping others feel comfortable in their own skin is exactly what we do here at Cupid's Boutique. Our friendly shop invites individuals all across the gender spectrum to browse, question and shop without fear of judgement. We firmly believe in everyone’s right to personal freedom and we are here to help you express it in the style you desire. 

We are happy to provide a complete line of transgender and cross-dressing apparel. We are centrally located in Long Island, just a few blocks away for the Deer Park Tanger Outlets. Our primary goal is to understand the needs of our transgender customers. Our prices are reasonable and we provide clothing, shoes, wigs and accessories that are just not available in department stores. We strive to provide a variety of options as we know that not all cross-dressers have the same fashion sense.  We get to know our transgender clients and we thrive on providing personal care and attention to all.

 Finding the right sizes to fit you perfectly is traditionally very difficult as a cross-dresser.  Our job at Cupid's Boutique is to make this process easy.  We have the products you need so you can express your unique style. From top to bottom, we’ve got everything from wigs to high heels.

We know that it isn’t just the clothes you wear on the outside that are important to you, which is why we’re proud to breast forms and body shaping products.  If curves are what is required we have the products to get the job done.  We will give you the curves where you want them, and hide the ones you don’t. It’s all about creating the shape and profile you need to wear your crossdressing outfits with confidence.