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Butts Up Orgasmic P-Spot

Butts Up Orgasmic P-Spot

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Heard that folksy little saying about opinions? They're like a**holes, everyone's got one! Well, as it turns out, no matter what your or your playmate's opinion might be re: the proper way to pleasure the prostate, Nasstoys Butts Up Orgasmic P-Spot Massager has just about every backdoor desire under control. Plus, the simple design is perfect for p-spot play beginners.

Aside from a very purposeful angle and three super powered vibration modes, the Orgasmic P-Spot Stimulator comes complete with a perineum ('taint, if you prefer) stimulator that'll buzz and throb you to or your prostate-owning partner to pure bliss. Vibration starts up with a push of a button at the base of Butts Up's embedded bullet vibe. 

In hypoallergenic silicone, the Butts Up Orgasmic P-Spot Massager is body safe, easy to maintain, and a breeze to clean. Before and after playtime, rinse it well with lots of warm soapy water or use a good quality toy care fluid/foam. You will, of course, be using lots of lube with this and any anal toy, so be sure to choose a good quality water-based formula. Please don't be tempted to use a silicone lube - it could damage your Butts Up. On that note, it's best to keep this (and any silicone toy) away from other silicone products. Waterproof.
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