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Natural RealSkin Jackhammer

Natural RealSkin Jackhammer

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Proving beyond a shadow of an earth-shattering orgasm that there are, and will always be more than enough unique rabbit vibe designs to go around, Nasstoy's Natural Real Skin Cock collection presents the Jackhammer, a total classic with a throbbing, thunderous twist.

The combination of deep, rumbly vibration and a shape that positions all that stimulation against inner sweet spots is a match made in pleasure heaven for many vagina owners. The Jackhammer takes that fact into full account. Aside from a over-the-top lifelike veiny shaft and up-reaching clitoral stimulator, the Jack features extreme power. And we DO mean extreme! The Jackhammer's shaft offers you or your lucky playmate a deep, thudding sensation can hardly even be called vibration, it's more of a very, very pleasurable thumping. You'll just have to feel it to believe it!

The Jackhammer reaches nice and deep to target sensitive areas along the vaginal canal - G-spot included (of course!) as the classic clit stimulator reaches up from below to envelop your/their outer sweet spots. There are 12 possible modes of clitoral vibration to choose from, along with the shaft's 12 throb modes. Both are separately controlled using simple buttons on the base, as is a unique heating mode that warms the Jackhammer to 45 Celsius/113 Fahrenheit.
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