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TF 402 TRANSFORM® Triangle

TF 402 TRANSFORM® Triangle

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Transform® Standard Breast Forms

• Our most durable forms, yet soft and life-like
• 100% silicone gel in a resilient polyurethane film that moves with the body
• Our patented permanent internal nipples won’t wash or wear off
• Retail box provides convenient storage for breast forms
• Available in three shapes
• Beige and Sable skin tones
• Made in the U.S.A.

• One of our best-selling forms
• Elongated full triangle has a taller wing for a higher fit on the chest wall
• Full profile with a curved back to conform and fit snugly against the chest wall
• Built-in nipple is prominent enough to look real and give a natural appearance
• Fits in full-figured fashion bras with or without an underwire and in pocketed bras
• Symmetrical
• Sizes 1-12

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